Breaking Point (2016)

Capt. Dr. Leung Li Wen, the Head of Forensics at C1 Central Island City Police Department, has herself to deal with suspicious colleagues in her attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysterious serial killings of corrupt police officers.

2016 – Fixi 3 Crimes, Malaysia

  • Starring Emily Lim, Fai Chen, Chen Puie Kong, Amelia Chen and Kahoe Hon.
  • Cinematography by Tan Teck Zee.
  • Art direction by Mahasin Norman.
  • Music by Az Samad.
  • Produced by Lim Benji, Edward Lim, James Lee and Amir Muhammad.
  • Based on the short story “Breaking Point” by Zufar Ismail Zeid.
  • Written and directed by We Jun.

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