Fix (2013)

Yan is an undercover cop posing as a pusher in the local narcotics ring.  Despite reassurances that someone will take his place, he grows paranoid that he will be found out.

2014 – (Withdrawn / Banned) Tropfest Southeast Asia, Penang, Malaysia
2014 – Salón Internacional de La Luz, Bogota, Colombia
2014 – Kaliber 35 Munich International Short Film Festival, Munich, Germany
2014 – Girona International Film Festival, Girona, Spain
2014 – Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa, Greece
2014 – XIX Internacionalni TV Festival, Bar, Montenegro
2014 – Złote Mrówkojady, Lublin, Poland
2015 – Ascona Film Festival, Ascona, Switzerland

  • Starring Alfred Loh, Kit Lim, Michael Chen, Ismail Jamaludin and Brian Ong.
  • Cinematography by Praveen Kumar and We Jun.
  • Art direction by Paul Hasham.
  • Produced by Sandie Lee.
  • Written and directed by We Jun.

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